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Our Philosophy

We created this free online dating website in order for people to make quality connections with other singles who share similar interests in a private, safe and more controlled environment.

What makes different?

This website is unique in many ways. It allows you to accurately describe yourself to the degree that you know yourself. You are not pigeon holed into or limited to a set of predefined traits, activities or thoughts. You create your own subjects and explain your own thoughts about those subjects. It’s somewhat similar to creating your own essay questions and answering them. You are not limited to the number of thoughts, traits and activities etc. that you can have.

We feel that when you accurately and thoroughly describe yourself and your thoughts about things that are important to you, people will know who you are. If they do the same you will know who they are. Together you can make an educated/informed decision about whom you want to contact. There will be little or no second-guessing what they are like. If you know what you need and want in a person, you should be able to find it here. The tools are there. You just have to use them.

How many times have you heard "I want someone who has a sense of humor, is loving, nice, honest, caring, thoughtful etc.?" Everyone can fit this description to a certain extent so how accurately does that really describe a person? It’s redundant and ambiguous. Everyone is nice in some way. Everyone is caring in some way. Everyone wants someone who is nice, caring etc. My dog is nice and loving. So let us go beyond that. How do you feel about specific things? How do you define loving? How do you express love? How do you like to be loved? You are caring, nice and thoughtful, but in what ways? It is very likely you will meet many "nice" people but for other reasons you may not be compatible. Use this web site as a meeting place to really get to know that person. You can only get to know them well if the tool you are using allows it.

Furthermore, you may submit an unlimited amount of videos, audios and pictures about any subject you choose. Whatever it takes to accurately and thoroughly portray your self we have provided. Another important optional feature that we have added is video/voice/text conferencing, so you can actually see and talk to the person you are interested in. See their mannerisms, hear the convictions in their voice, and watch how they express themselves in ways text alone can’t convey to you.

If this system is used to its fullest, if thoughts are expressed accurately and thoroughly and if profiles are completely filled out expressing in detail what you really feel and who you really are, you have a better chance of finding another person you are truly compatible with. This may not be a quick process. You get out of it what you put into it. If you are vague in your profile, you leave yourself open to misinterpretations. The more effort you put up front the less effort you will have to spend down the road. The more accurately you describe your self and your feelings, the better your chances of meeting someone who has similar interests and values. Relationships are difficult enough without the ambiguities and false hopes. Be honest right up front and it will filter out the people you shouldn’t be with and don’t want to be with and you will then receive more accurate, quality inquiries.

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