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The Thoughts Form allows you to enter details about your thoughts. Add predefined or CUSTOM thoughts about any topic. 'Your Thoughts' is a very important part of your singles profile. This is the place where you can accurately describe yourself. You can enter your thoughts about anything you think about or like to talk about. is very different from other singles sites. We do not limit you or pigeon hole you into a predefined profile. Someone can get to know who you really are or tell some one what you are all about. You can literally write a book about yourself. You have unlimited number of 'your' thoughts. You can create any number of new thoughts, edit existing thoughts and delete any thoughts at any time. This can be very important in seeking a relationship. Many singles do not get very deep in conversation about what they think. With our site you can write what you think about in an uninterrupted environment. Really pour your heart and soul into it. We feel if you really let some one know who you are you will attract your perfect match. - Your Thoughts Form

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