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Welcome to We created this free online dating website in order for people to make quality love connections with other singles who share similar interests in a private, safe and more controlled environment.

This website is unique in many ways. It allows you to accurately describe yourself to the degree that you know yourself. You are not pigeon holed into or limited to a set of predefined traits, activities or thoughts. You create your own subjects and explain your own thoughts about those subjects. It’s somewhat similar to creating your own essay questions and answering them. You are not limited to the number of thoughts, traits and activities etc. that you can have.

We feel that when you accurately and thoroughly describe yourself and your thoughts about things that are important to you, people will know who you are. If they do the same you will know who they are. Together you can make an educated/informed decision about whom you want to contact. There will be little or no second-guessing what they are like. If you know what you need and want in a person, you should be able to find it here. The tools are there. You just have to use them.

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