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  • Hosting of your website
  • You get your own look and feel
  • You get your own mailing system to send and receive messages or emails etc from your domain to your users
  • Trial memberships
  • You get your own payment processing system or merchant account to charge monthly subscription fees to your users. Report on users activities, cancel their subscriptions, fully manage your users
  • Your own administration tools
  • Process your own pictures, videos and audios or we will do it for you
  • Screen and monitor messages
  • Manage users, delete users, deal with duplicate users
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports showing # of new users, # of deleted users, # of messages, # of browsers. Reports showing page counts to determine the pages your users go to most, how your users found you, # of repeat logins, Profile counts by state, city, state and gender, city and gender, gender, gender and age
  • And more....

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